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- (2016 - present) -

‘To be burnout’ is a complex clinical picture and a growing problem in our society. The cause is often related to stress at work and/or in private life. There, a person is, often for a longer period of time, confronted with too much unhealthy stress and stimulants.


In the first phase of a burnout someone will often experience complete exhaustion and the frustration of being unable to accomplish the things they could before, as well as a mental battle against certain physical ailments and complaints. These could for example include panic attacks, heart palpitations, hyperventilation, tinnitus and inexplicable sore muscles.


These physical symptoms surface because the body is deregulated and off balance, but rarely indicate a severe health problem. 


Unfortunately, during the first phase, this makes a 

burnout feel more intense and almost unbearable.

Numinous can help with this. To give people with a burnout visual, auditive and tactile feedback with the help of sensors (biofeedback), they will perceive what exactly is happening in their body in a new way. This will give an insight into their physical ailments. Because this immersive installation works with existing treatments, a universal significance becomes apparent for specialists working with burnout patients.


Numinous can help balance the control of physical awareness. It is also helps with letting go of the over-alertness of these physical symptoms, which can cause a lot of stress. Hopefully this will lead to a quicker and permanent recovery of the overly burdened body.

Currently, Numinous is being researched and developed with

multiple partners, professionals and burn-out patients. 

Also, Numinous continues to be exhibited at various places. Such as the 'Participatiekliniek' 2016,  the 'national Elderly congress' 2016 and the 'Dutch Design Week' 2017. 


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Stefanie Bonte HKU award 2017 Numinous

CROSSOVER ARTIST STEFANIE BONTE WINT JURY- EN PUBLIEKSPRIJS HKU-AWARDS -  ‘Numinous’, een innovatieve behandelmethode bij burn-out...

U-CREATE VAN START IN PARTICIPATIEKLINIEK - ... Werken van social designer Stefanie Bonte zijn te ervaren de DAGDROOM-kamer, een relaxte kamer waarbij...

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