My name is Stefanie Bonte. I am a proud resident of Utrecht, The Netherlands. I love to create - alone, together or in co-creation -, discover new possibilities, find lifehacks, and be driven by fascination. 

I’d like to see the time and world around us to be very open towards new possibilities and together finding out what we really want in life. 


In ’12 I graduated as a Theatre Designer at HKU. Since then I’ve worked for various theatre- and installation productions.

In ’15 I started the master Crossover Creativity, wanting to find an entanglement between being an artist and fascinated in life. To discover if I could manifest this outside the theatre, to create an impact on social questions that usually don’t interact with the creative sector.

By making crossovers with different industries as a creative entrepreneur driven by fascination, both interesting new ways of collaboration, as new angles and solutions to social problems emerge. By adding ‘esthetics’ as an important part of the proces, I believe that designing in co-creation with both the user and the (experience) expert, is the future of creating a more empathic, sustainable and enjoyable world. 

Stefanie Bonte HKU award 2017 Numinous

CROSSOVER ARTIST STEFANIE BONTE WINT JURY- EN PUBLIEKSPRIJS HKU-AWARDS -  ‘Numinous’, een innovatieve behandelmethode voor mensen met onzichtbare burn-out klachten...

U-CREATE VAN START IN PARTICIPATIEKLINIEK - ... Werken van social designer Stefanie Bonte zijn te ervaren de DAGDROOM-kamer, een relaxte kamer waarbij positieve gezondheid en stressreductie centraal staan.